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The invention of the washing machine, freed the many who were burdened with the act of washing clothes by hands. Washing has been a task disliked by many especially in earlier times when clothes were heavy and you had to scrub them by hand. If you weren't rich or privileged enough to have a maid or a family member clean your clothes for you, you'd really have to do it on your own, with bare hands.
People on sea voyages washed their clothes by placing the dirty laundry in a strong cloth bag, and tossing it overboard, letting the ship drag the bag for hours. The principle was sound: forcing water through clothes to remove dirt. Women from all classes tried to find ways to get relief from doing laundry. Some hired washerwomen and others used commercial laundries. Eventually mechanical aids lightened the load.

Project involves
Nemow is easy to operate, compact, portable and suited for Rural Operation.
Extremely low cost and affordable, and
Highly effective to wash clothes manually without power.
saves money, time, effort and water.

The Project will develop.
conceptual design of the NEMOW.
Make a few PROTOTYPES for field testing.
Fine tune and test market.
Make ready for manufacturing
A Web based research study.
GiraDora, Bicilavadora, Laundry Pod, Wonder Wash, Pedal-Powered washing machines.
All are commercial failures, due to cost and ineffectiveness.